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Peer-Reviewed Articles

  • Sumer Singh, Jyoti Kumar, P.V.M. Rao, (2018) "Environmental impact assessment framework for product packaging", Management of Environmental Quality: An International Journal, Vol. 29 Issue: 3, pp.499-515,

  • Arka Roy, Kabita Banerjee and Sumer Singh, " Unconscious Marketing and the Common Man as a Brand Ambassador," Proceedings of GLOGIFT 13 December 13-15, 2013 Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi pp. 1027-1037

  • Roy, Arka., Bannerjee, Kabita., Singh, Sumer., (2014) “A study of the impact of the individualist versus collectivist dimension on ecommerce website design in the Indian context” Paper presented at SIDER ’14 Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm, Sweden.

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